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Magical Morning Mist

I honestly do not remember the last time I woke up this early. Well, not since I graduated high school. I haven’t seen the sun rising over the last few years, let alone enjoy the mild sunshine until it was too late, too hot, and directly overhead. But I woke up today. Much voluntarily. Well, it would be wrong to say that because it was partially so.

So, I woke up with a jolt around 5.45am from a nightmarish situation that I had lost my diamond ring and there was no money at all left in my purse. Sure enough, as my eyes whipped open and stared into the still dark ceiling where the dim light of dawn was streaming in through the small squarish ventilators of the room. My left hand sought the ring finger of my right hand and my heart skipped a beat. Well, the ring indeed was not there. I jumped up to my feet and made a blunder of the pillows and sheets. However, God must have been in a playful mood and quite dramatically,  I was able to find it out amongst the sheets. However, how it escaped from my finger despite being so tight that it’s difficult for me to get it out otherwise, remains a mystery.

After the ring episode being over around 6.10am, I was contemplating whether to go back to sleep or remain awake and for once, in years, soak the morning in with a good old cup of coffee. My nightmare and immediate anxiety blew my sleep out beyond reach for the moment and yet I tried to feign drowsing. But how can I fool my own mind?

My parents usually get up by then and they were obviously much surprised to see me at that hour for they, reluctantly, got used to seeing me in my dishevelled somnolent self even at around 11am at times. I had to explain the ring incident briefly and I, quite abruptly, blurted out my wish to go for a morning stroll. They raised their eyebrows in wonder and agreed with me. I myself was surprised to see that I was capable of things like getting up and going for a morning walk.

After spending a quantifiable amount of time finding out and dusting my jogger sneakers from under a blanket of dust and cobwebs; soon in a matter of moment, my father and I were out on the street. We decided to skip the neighbourhood region and directly go to the banks of Ganges, as otherwise, most streets in the morning are littered by the morning duties of the stray dogs.

When we reached the banks of the river, I felt so refreshed that the enchantment seemed completely new to me. I was completely taken in by the soft breeze which made all the green leaves of the beautifully lined trees dance in juvenile joviality. The golden rays of the early morning sun made the gently lapping waters of the Ganges glitter in its newness, as if reminding that every iota of the water flowing downstream is as new as each dawn, same, but new; tried in the harmonious thread of traditional continuity. And some times, a fluffy mass of pearly white cloud is floating in the clear blue ocean of the sky, engulfing the shining sun just for a few moments; prophesying how each moment gone, is gone forever, embracing the divine union with eternity, just as each inch of river water is perennially gyrating towards its merry amalgamation with the site of all creations, the ocean.

Wish I had better photography skills!

I was lost for a second, the clamour of the homeless kids on the pavement bringing me back to reality. It saddened me immediately somehow to see their conditions, their obvious indifference to the marvels of nature, which they call home; the pained glances of their mothers cooking on open clay ovens beneath the trees contrasted with the polished marble pavements— paradoxical fruit of our deeds as tax-payers.

And soon came a hoard of enthusiastic selfie-addicts, creating more clamour, as the serenity of the morning exhausted itself and diffused into the impending busyness of the day, like the tired morning joggers, some bent on their knees and some sipping on lemon tea, sitting on the marble benches along the “beautified” banks of the river.

And soon enough it was also time for me to return home, helping my father with the grocery and showing the photographs of the graceful Ganges, reflecting my early-morning reverie, to my mother. And before I knew, I was absorbed into the banal chores of our programmed life, as easily as I was absorbed by the finesse of the nature during my first morning walk in years. The difference caused me to chuckle during my contemplative hours when I realised, drowning in the aestheticism of nature eternalises the same moments that seem like fleeting and chasing us towards cessation of any remaining bit of peace by the daily humdrum of robotically routined life.

Send nudes.

-“Hello :)”
-“Nm. Bored. U”
“Same. U horny”
“Send nudes”


Seems familiar, doesn’t it? Just another regular conversation you’re bound to be bound into if you surf through the countless anonymous chat “rooms” that the internet is teeming with. Meanwhile, gone are the days when we had real friends, with whom we could have a real conversation with and create real good memories. In short, gone are those real days as reality jerked us off into its most modern facet where all we get salvation in, is virtuality. As the saying goes- “Fake it till you make it”.


So, as I am just another regular teenager (woah, wait. I’m not a teenager anymore *mixed emotions*), just like those million other teens, I was surfing through the endless tides of the ocean called internet to see what’s new. And what I found is a development on the same old stuff. Apps providing scope for you to make friends all over the world, online, while being able to keep your anonymity. Why? Because Facebook has become a manifestation of the “real life” itself while Instagram is for flaunting how posh you are. And so, I found several apps just like Omegle and Chatous, namely, AntiChat (what a paradox!), Holla, and many more.

      anon                                     anon3

So this app called AntiChat, allows you to connect with strangers, exchange pictures (which can not be screen-shotted for safety measures), while your chats will be monitored and you’ll be banned if you use offensive words and ask for their personal information. The words cover Snapchat to Facebook, and from shit to fuck. As a result, these apparently friendly fellas bubbling in the app are masking words to fool the apps, while you’re being expected to be more creatively deceptive and cunning, if not intelligent. So, Snapchat becomes snorpchet and Instagram becomes instant grammar, while dick becomes dong.


I am not implying whether it is good or bad, but that’s just how technology and society have turned out things to be. In the age where we are under constant pressure of being judged (not as much by race anymore, as is with what kind your lifestyle you have), and we have to try harder to establish our status in virtual social media than in real social life, are people seeking a secret passage to vent their primal human instincts mixed with increasing loneliness and boredom through this gateway of anonymity?


Further observation saddens me more to discover than more than half of the participants are actually underaged teens, from 13 to 18 years of age, seeking sexual pleasure glued to their phones by sating their eyes. What makes me wonder more, is, where have those days gone when teenagers chased their Araby, intoxicated by the search for idealism? Have they already realised that there is no Araby at all and all that matter in this land of rotten ruins called mankind is sating your aroused senses till you have it? Are we all becoming separate lonely islands as the pressure mounts on and the number of social media apps on our phones become directly proportional to the health of our sociability?


Furthermore what has to be kept in mind about these super-lonely, confused and rude present generation is that, some of them have mastered the art of deception very keenly. Some of these fellas seem very nice and polite at the start and they start to shed their flowery petals to reveal their real selves only after they have reached a certain degree of comfort and “friendship” with a person. This mostly happens after you’ve been comfortable enough to shift to another social media, like Snapchat. It comes all too suddenly, they start acting weird, and like those other straight-forward ones who get done with their objective in total anonymity, they either blatantly start asking for nudes and flashing their private parts without a drop of dignity. The “dignity” part doesn’t occur to them at all as in many cases they aren’t showing their face and it turns out to be like real life one-night stands, only that these are virtual, and they are rather “one hour stands”, for I have seen they are perpetually horny. So much, as if they are on some damned drugs. Most importantly, these peeps, they never can be at peace unless they block you. If you haven’t been the first to block them for their cringeworthy attitudes, they’ll block you at the end, or rather, as soon as they’ve climaxed. These websites, or rather, the people in them, give out the strong pragmatic view on lust, and show the practical outcome of newly found teenage hormones. Needless to say, internet is a place for anything but trust. The world has seen countless cases where, trusting the internet friend’s lust for love has yielded in being exposed to the world in the most harassing way, the cases mostly costing lives at the end. It frightens me to see how dangerous a position the newer generations are using themselves into, and the scene is not getting any better with time.


I’ve met countless people over these websites, as you can see I’m writing from experience. But not even a mere handful have secured the place of “friendship”, which these apps and websites present a promise of opening a scope for. If you really want to hear the count, it has been a mere 3 people over the last 4 years. The latest one being from Antichat who really liked my blog *grins* (Hey there! If you’re reading it too).


Though all other cases I have come across so far, didn’t end in anything but either blocking or being blocked, there is something that kept me wondering about this blocking issue. Well, it’s completely another issue if sexual harassment or intolerably explicit content is involved, but I have had cases too when I woke up one fine morning, eager to resume my conversation with an online friend I had made the last night, only to find that I have been blocked. I never got justification for these cases, especially because we were totally clean and fun with each other, like almost comfortable. But there’s that “almost” which says it all. And I know I shouldn’t be but I have been hurt in quite a few cases when the person was exceptionally charming. It might be virtual, but who is operating the virtual? The real! So sometimes it hurts just like the betrayal coming from a friend irl. I know these obviously aren’t our real names, but Steve, Nathan (or Cooper, I’ll never know), Dave, Connor and a few others- you guys have hurt me indeed.


I’m sure to have exceeded the normal number in my usage of the word “wonder”, but here I use it again, for I lack another apt synonym to describe my feelings— I am left with nothing but wonder at the way this virtual world is approaching. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that these outwardly-charming and inwardly-nasty, or lowkey-distasteful people that we see/meet online are actually normal people themselves, savouring the manifestation of a secret, brazen, carnal and primitivistic facet of their character, under the mask of lies and deception. Is it because all we need at times is to cling onto the lone buoy of a sweet, deceptive, dangerous lie to feel that thrill in life which we are circumstantially so deprived of? Is it for better or for worse, or is it simply just the way it is?

anon10Photo courtesy- internet.

We can fight, fiercely.

A not-so-original realisation has dawned on me lately. Would some people have chosen fiction as an escapade if the world they’re living in, weren’t this suffocating? Would writers cook up fictitious towns and cities to portray an ongoing scenario of their surroundings, if the situation hadn’t been this gruesome? Would unrealistic fairytales be knit if the need to simplify the distressingly horrifying realism to the innocent minds of children, wasn’t this desperate? Was it the same desperation of breaking free from this cursed land of torture and pain that catalysed the dream of Utopia? Alas, it might never come true.

Anyway, I just consoled myself with the fact that the history-making epoch that I am living in, isn’t the ultimate worst so far; and that, society has been this appalling throughout history as well as those mysterious forces that make up the unwritten rules of societal norms. And it is because that I’ve had much of it that I’m writing this today. Also, I will try my best to remain discreet with my identity, political and religious views, and geographical location; else, otherwise I might run the risk of being subject to death and rape threats because I am living in a nation where oppression is the primal governing force. Oh, and I might as well be lynched to death if I pronounce some words that start with H and C.


However, we’ve come a long way down to a certain part in time, where we feel responsible in a way to carry on with the fight for feminism and equity, perhaps in a hope to be able to reach at least somewhat near the objective of fighting out and eradicating societal evils and helping people groom a healthy mind and healthy outlook towards life. And by healthy, I dare not aim at their personal physical fitness, but the fact what I want to highlight is their mental hygiene. I want them to stop being so sick and caught up in their dos and don’t and poking their pointy noses into other peoples’ dos and don’ts.


So, the other day, I met a few of my childhood friends from school after quite a long time, and quite surprisingly we were trying hard and actually being successful in pushing aside our past grudges and angers, and having a good time. Well, it was until we decided to savour the sunset by the banks of a river (the name of which I dare not mention), with a puff of smoke. The splinter of debate started coming back to life from under the ashes precisely at that point of time.


It started with the guys trying to rekindle the patriarchal trait in them. “Girls shouldn’t smoke”, “Girls who smoke are as well sluts”- the bile started rising at the back of my throat with each of these snide remarks, coming from those fellas we practically grew up each day in school, with. As girls, we shot back with logical conclusions to such backward mentality and tried to put the facts straight in their blunt heads. It wasn’t long after the smoking issue subsided a little that another burning cause arose, a cause that the world is (and has enough reasons to) go gaga over- female menstruation being a taboo. The boys’ idiosyncrasy surfaced prominently as they were trying hard to justify the cause of secluding women during their periods in a certain religion, which I dare not mention either. Purposefully or not, their ill-knowledge sent us in a frantic fizz of bubbling agitation as they had the nerves to label female menstruation (read: “it”)as an “obstacle”, a “break-down”, or even “disease”! It again fell back upon us to counter their lack of enlightenment with scientific knowledge and stuff, and check them against further embarrassment on part of the male sex. Well, I am not saying every man is like this, because hopefully they aren’t, but I’m yet to meet non-egoistic men with an uncrooked and logical way of thinking.


Why is it that, we, the women, always have to fight back? Fight for everything-

  • For life as a foetus
  • For achieving and continuing education
  • For voting rights
  • For equal wages
  • For respect- as a strong independent single woman with a voice
  • Against early marriage
  • Against being branded as a slut because we have male friends
  • Against a questionable character because we may smoke or drink
  • Against the yoke of creation being labelled a taboo
  • Against rape (because apparently our dress and behaviour invites it, right?)
  • Against body-shaming
  • Against stereotyping


Someone called the females a “weaker sex”, was it because it was becoming tough to accept the fact that women are born fighters and thus they are naturally stronger than the men, whose only strength (in general) seems to lie in their biceps? As the “againsts” pile up higher than the “fors” that we have to fight for, I wonder, wasn’t it all mostly because of the stupid societal Morales that were built up silently, mysteriously, unnoticeably and unknowingly became the ruling force of our lives? Just ask yourself for a moment, how many times you’ve acted in a certain way because the society wants you to- because, “What will the people say?” You must have lost count. And now that we are plausibly trying hard to break free of the shackles, you’re branding us derogatorily, questioning our character, driving us out of the country or measuring our strength on a scale of masculinity. I must say that the world needs to walk a long way, if androcentricism is the only unit of measurement of strength. Let’s get this straight- we are all human beings and it would be better to be humane enough to live up to the standards of humanity. And, that wouldn’t be possible if we are not respectful of each other. That wouldn’t be possible until we stop discrimination on grounds of sex, race, religion and other such issues, and started treating everybody, regardless of any parameters, as human beings- who deserve to be treated with love, respect, compassion. Destined as we were to be born as human beings with the boon (or curse?) of the layers of consciousness in our brain, it would go all in vain if we aren’t humane in the first place!


I have observed many debates over these years everywhere, on tv, in adda, and even in my family and each time I was bubbling to take part, but couldn’t because I wasn’t old enough and I was taught to respect elders to the point that even stating a fact, a truth a trial to untangle their errors would be utterly disrespectful and I am a girl, so, as I grow up, I should shroud myself with the blanket of a mute maternal figure, who doesn’t have her own voice. The irony of being bestowed with education and the message of being an independent lady puzzled me big time as I was simultaneously taught the need for women to be pestled with feminine duties in the mortar of the household.


But now that I have seen the world and I have seen what to be a independent woman with a voice is actually like, how can I be expected not to participate in the rebellion to right the wrongs and to fight for justice? That doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a public figure and hurling speeches, but as everything has to start from a basic level, how can the major change be achieved if the smallest changes are not made? Fighting for education for girls, fighting for equal pay in all fields of work, fighting against early marriage– these are deep-rooted issues which definitely needs time to be corrected. But for the “modern” ladies in metropolitans, there are daily-life issues that need to be worked out— mundane affairs that aren’t issues if done by men, but are shameful taboos if done by women. Need a list?

  • Smoking and/or drinking- Not much of an “issue” among the millennial anymore, it still seems to be a matter of “shame” for the family. Well, to become a slave of addiction is definitely ruinous, but that’s our individual right to freedom unless we are actually harming someone or being bad human beings. Why so people suddenly snap in a country like ours if the cigarette or the glass of whiskey kisses the lips of a woman instead of a man?
  • Dressing sense- humans are sexual beings. But that does not give a license to unnaturally sexually objectify every part of the female body (even though films and media) to the point that makes us wonder if being born as a female is a reason enough to be objectified. Oh, and it’s never the rapist’s fault (because “boys will be boys”) and it’s always the “revealing” clothing of the lady. FYI, nobody runs about in bikinis in a city.
  • Female menstruation- There’s a reason behind sex education being taught in schools, and that is, for all of us to be scientifically educated of our body, since we are all biological beings. It simply reveals your shallowness as you label the core of creation of life as an “impure” period when we shouldn’t enter temples because we’ll contaminate the purity. Well, please try to dust off the impurity from your mind and update your definition of God. Plus, you’re no one to tell me what God likes and dislikes.
  • Buying sanitary napkins and/or condoms- Wasn’t it the “modernising” society itself that taught us of hygiene and protection? You never shy away from bolding asking for bandaids over the counter when you have a cut. Similarly, the menstrual blood is a result of a biological process that makes a cut in the uterus walls and make it bleed. Sanitary napkins are the bandaid for down there and no, we wouldn’t whisper for Whisper or take it covered in newspapers and opaque packaging as if I am dealing in illegal drugs. As far as the condoms are concerned, there’s no doubt that our nation is on the way of being the most populated one.
  • “When are you getting settled, beti?”- Oh, you mean, when am I going to stop working, muting my voice, wearing the shackles of matrimonial alliance and making myself busy with raising kids? Well, there are reasons (and you should respect them) that many lady opt against marriage. And, not every lady wants to become a mother! Maternity is a special gift for females, alright, but it’s also the individual’s choice if she wants a kid or not. And women also have to superpower to juggle a career and kids and can often successfully do so without the involvement of a husband.
  • “Psst.. your bra strap is showing”- We are women and we have breasts which demands us to wear bras (it’s okay if you don’t wear one). Please stop sexualizing a piece of clothing if it peeks from the side of the sleeves. And please stop shooting glances like I need to hide the corpse of a person I’ve murdered, when my bra strap is showing. We are proud to be gifted with boobs and we WON’T hide our cleavage or peeking bra straps because, we don’t need to.

It’s better for the sake of my article’s length not to include anymore points.


Every woman has the magical power to be tender yet tough as the same time. But that is not the gateway for the society to indulge perpetually in a hobby to continue attacking the soft soil. Please don’t make the beautiful feeling of being a woman to weigh down upon us as a burden we are inherently bound to carry- to act out of compulsion in only a certain way that is “acceptable” by our family, our society and our culture, at
ESJ_and_Equity large. It pains me especially to see, when at times, women themselves deign and devaluate womanhood and try to inhibit the fight for feminism and equity (viz., some female political figures screaming out rape threats against women who differ from their political ideology). We are living in a dangerous phase that screams to be worked out. We’re in dire need of feminism, to ultimately achieve the milestone of equity, fairness and justice.

Societal evils trying to curb our freedom, the freedom of women and demeaning us if we follow our hearts and act boldly will only render fruitless, as the same Shakti that you worship with hibiscus flowers is not some mystical arbitrary force, but it is in all of us, the women all over the world and the Shakti, the power in us when concentrated together, can eliminate all in its path like a juggernaut if triggered.

We, the women are not the weaker sex or the fairer sex, but we are simply the other sex who “hold up half the sky”. We are an equal and we rightfully deserve the equal share in all prospects of life.


Makeup Blues


“Why are you wearing so much makeup?”— you’ve definitely heard this if you are a girl who likes to wear makeup. “Why do girls wear makeup?”— you’ve either said this or considered asking this if you are one of the guys who just don’t get it. Meanwhile, girls who don’t like to wear makeup on the other hand, have taken pride in it and resorted to makeup-shaming. Indirectly or directly, you’ve been bothered by it. Shall I ask, why?

Well, I’d like to present my take on this. You see, self-confidence is a great gift bestowed upon mankind. Those who have it naturally, are truly blessed. And for those of us who don’t, we need a little something to instil that in us. Make-up and cosmetics have that ‘it’ factor in them that perks up the confidence of those ladies, and gentlemen, who need it to trigger their confidence.


Historically spanning over 6000 years across most nations and almost in all societies of the world, makeup is a form of art, used to enhance the beauty and facial (mostly) features of the body. It is not just an indulgence of the rich ladies, since makeup was also associated with men, dating back to around 3000 BC when men and women used tinctures and paints to enhance their nails or other body features, to signify their status in the society. If you go more through a bit of history, you’ll see how ancient Brit warriors, Romans and kings all across the world have used makeup. Not confined simply to ceremonial events and battles, makeup for both men and women were regularised by the cinematic influence and other performances of art which required makeup. If you thought makeup is only for the women or for men to look girlish, you’ve been proven wrong at this point. Makeup isn’t about femininity. Makeup transcends boundaries of gender. It’s basically about confidence (warriors wore it to wars) and an instrument to demarcate the significance of position in the society, and to stand apart. Oh, do I need to mention that the age-old fashion of elaborate coiffure or wigs, used by both men and women, is also a part of makeup? The usage of makeup obviously is varied and different, but one should be aware before making vacuous remarks that, both men and women use makeup.

The world has come a long way since and the people have spiralled down the path of respect, demeaning the usage of makeup by women. Being a woman, it makes me sad to add at this point that women themselves constitute a fair share of this makeup-shaming, as most boys are blind enough to fail to recognise the difference between girls having makeup on and not having it on. Why, ladies? Is it because you think that the girls wearing makeup look better than you? Then, please don’t, because you probably don’t even know that some girls resort to wearing makeup for two reasons. One, they simply love the art of makeup. Two, out of a sense of insecurity and lack of confidence of going out in public without that shield because the world is so generous in mistreating people by tagging people as ‘ugly’. It’s good that you are confident in you skin without a layer of artificial pigments,  but that does not give you to the right to humiliate those who aren’t. Beauty is skin-deep and it’s you heart that counts, and the inability to respect people bares one’s true self- with or without makeup.


As I have said, makeup transcends the boundaries of gender, as it is an art of pigments and art is never confined to anything. It includes everything from hair-dyes to eyeliner, lipstick and mascara and it only makes you look like a fool if you take pride in throwing hate-speech at men who use them too. Makeup is worn to enhance beauty and not to impress anyone. People wear makeup for their own, and only their own happiness and satisfaction while looking into the mirror. May sound narcissistic, but what’s wrong in loving one’s own self if that is what makes one happy? You’ve got only one life and you have all the right to live like you want, without attacking other and encroaching upon their wellbeing.

We are human beings and we are not perfect. All of us have flaws. But we also have that disturbing trait of perfectionism in us, that we can never let go of. It’s truly commendable that people are trying hard to spread the message of the importance of loving oneself and embracing the flaws. But it does not give you the license to introduce anti-makeup fanaticism. We can, and have the right to embrace our “real selves” in whatever way we choose, because, hiding the flaws on our skin with colours can not curb the humanism in us.

courtesy- internet (maybe tumblr)

It only looks pathetic when you use the gizmo of “being your real self” to shame the ones who love and apply makeup. Just like candies and colourful toys make the children exhilarated, colours and makeup make the makeup lovers similarly ecstatic, as the child in us never dies, it just transforms the source of delirium from one object to another. Since you take joy and feel good by attacking others, you are unlucky enough not to feel that orgasmic rapture when a makeup-lover gets the winged-eyeliner dapper. I feel sorry for you as you’ll never get to know you it makes your heart flutter, to see your own lips get kissed by branded lipsticks and look more succulent than ever. The ability of making your skin look flawless and your eyebrows on fleek is an art, very few can master. It makes you look like a fool to abash the art, and I pray for God to open your eyes so that you can see and admire the wonder.


Men who wear makeup are not funny and women who wear makeup are not sluts, for, makeup is an instrument used harmlessly to feel good about ourselves and it is you who need to grow up to understand that. I’m soliciting to stop makeup-shaming not because it affects us, but because it makes you look inhumane while we are blessedly immune to your attacks as we know how to ignore petty criticism and how not to care.

unparalleled magical satisfaction


Author’s note- This is as much a message to myself as it is to you. I am not trying to impose anything upon anyone, but just portraying a simple suggestion based on my perception of life.

Courtesy- Instagram; Artist- Charlie Bowater

It saddens me to think that there is no one in the world to care for me enough, especially not the ones I want to care for me. The ones I like or love, never fucking even acknowledge my existence and it simply doesn’t matter to them whatever the hell happens to me or not. There is a small bunch of people who think they care about me but the truth is, that is momentary. Even your own parents (and here I am NOT demeaning them and I love them as they love me, but that’s not the point). Everyone has to carry on with their own goddamn lives and ultimately it all comes down to us and it is the most painful revelation when you realize that no matter what or whom you want to have in your life, you can and are bound to enjoy the presence of one person next to you who is also your constant companion and that is you, yourself. There can never be another person in your life who will be as attached to you as you are to yourself. It is just implausible and painful to hope for otherwise, not even our parents, no matter how bitter the truth sounds. We are all individuals meant to control our own shit individually. It becomes a mess if you want to include other people into your lives because it can never be otherwise and everyone has been bestowed with that ultimatum to bask in their own individual problems. And dare not compare your situation to anyone else’s to make yourself feel better or to pity upon yourself, because just as we are all individuals unique in our own ways, our problems are too and there can never be any parameters to make comparisons because that is plain wrong. And never friggin hope for the presence of another individual in your life because that can only inflict boundless pain and complexities, nothing for the better, all for the worse. Try to be as content with yourself under all kinds of circumstances and TRY to deviate from any stupid decisions, you know what I mean, because that is not a very wise option. And I should also mention that we are all suicidal beings trying to console others like us to prevent anymore damage to the mankind. But please do try to spend time with yourself and yourself alone. Because that is as much a part of yourself as it is like another individual, the one you crave the presence of. When you find the right path you’ll realise that the person you’ve been searching for all along is already there, present in your heart, in your soul. Listen to yourself. Be your own friend. And try to steer clear of things that has the ability to make you sad. Don’t give anyone or anybody the opportunity to make you sad and try to strengthen your being because when you lose your soulmate, your pet or the one you thought were yours, you’ll have yourself to accompany… till it’s your turn and the ultimate juggernaut of mortality summons you. Love yourself as you are a gift to yourself. You may or may not know it, but trust me on this- YOU ARE SPECIAL. To yourself, and that’s all that counts. You don’t need the validation of your being, of your love, of your happiness from someone else or something else because that can only induce pain at one or the other point. Be yourself and enjoy life because you’ve got only one. We ALL are emotionally and/or physically damaged and to live with it with a cheerful heart without faking it is the ultimate triumph. You just have to find happiness as no one can bring it for you- it just doesn’t work the way we think. It needs a bit of working out and I know you will. You all will. We all will be happy one day, as it comes from within and we all have the ability to create it or find it within ourselves. And when you’ll be able to find that orgasmic moment, you’ll realize that your life has been worth living for, regardless.

Courtesy- Instagram

Happy New Year!

What’s so special about a new year anyway? The earth completes a revolution around the Sun each year on this day at midnight. Is it a reason enough to ‘celebrate’? Do we at all meet up to our resolutions? Do we really start anew?

I don’t have the answers to these questions. Perhaps you wouldn’t have, too, if you give it a good thought. Your failed promises will stack up alongside your accomplishments, sending you into a flurry of ambiguity.

Wouldn’t it just be great to make a real, rock-solid promise to yourself to really start anew in the new year? To let go of all those bad vibes that you dragged along till the end of this stale year and make a new beginning with a fresh vigour! This year was really exhausting, wasn’t it?

Instead of brightening up only from the outside and immersing in intoxicated oblivion against the backdrop of booming beats, we should make ourselves bright from the insides, cleanse our souls and take a positive look at the world. Oblivion under intoxication only ends up in stupid actions; rather, we should start to be responsible- of our thoughts and actions. Responsible and independent human beings can survive all blows with their head held high. Only then can we take the first step towards a better future for the global village.Human beings can achieve unattainable heights. If Sir Thomas More can propose the idea of Utopia, can’t we at least try to make the world one?


People, let’s become humane beings first. Indeed we really are human beings physically, but that wouldn’t do any good unless we become humane first. Let’s radiate humanity and change the hypocritical ways of what we call a society. We all know that YOLO but it wouldn’t serve any purpose if the society is not worth living in!

I’d like to request people to develop a sense of respect– a thing that this generation particularly lacks in. Not just for the elders, but every human being alike. Let’s just forget all the differences. Let’s stop treating the differents any differently. We are all individuals and so, please respect the individuality in our beings, for, that is what makes us individuals. If you have to look down upon anything, let’s look down upon nothing except inhumanity, societal evil and things that would disrupt unity.

We are human beings and we should learn to be united at all costs. And the key to unity would be love, care and compassion. We are blessed to be capable of developing these beautiful feelings and we shouldn’t let them go astray. In this new year we should learn to love and spread love. We should start caring for everyone- from our family and friends to Mother Earth and everything that comes in between. Not only people but also plants and animals. Grow a heart, folks! Stop hitting stray dogs with stones, or, pluck leaves from the bush at the parks for no reason at all. Harming others, when it’s for no reason, makes you simply stupid.


Learn to whole heartedly accept those who might not be like you. So what, if the person next to you has a different skin complexion or a different eye shape? So what, if the person next to you has a different sexual orientation? So what, if the person next to you can’t read? If you have a heart, treat the others with a heart, heartily from the bottom of your heart. Breaking the barriers of your mind will not only make the others feel good but it will make your heart smile. You can feel it if you do it.

That reminds me of one more thing that I want everyone to do. Start smiling. Not the sadistic boisterous laughter of high school bullies, but smile- real smile. It doesn’t cost you anything apart from the few ATPs that you need to spend to curve your facial muscles. Learn to master the art of controlling you anger and keeping your cool. Master the art of tackling situations, however tricky it might be, with a smile on your face. A smile wins a million hearts. The positive aura of a smile will make you feel better. Start doing it, you’ll see it. A smile helps to break the bitter tension of the urge to break into fights all the time, an instinct that the modern society is surreptitiously fraught with. The next time someone grumbles behind you in a queue, simply smile at that person and wait for the magic to take over.


One more thing that I’d like to add to the list is something you have heard a million times before. LOVE YOURSELF. Well, don’t become a narcissist, for it just makes you selfish. Learn to value yourself. Don’t let any negativity get the better of you. For once, stop thinking what others will think about you and your actions. That will only dampen your happiness. You are the key to your happiness. So, follow your heart, spread love, be kind to others and try to find a silver lining in each dark cloud that might continue coming overhead. Never let your mind or heart wander to any unpleasant thought and pull yourself up as soon as depression starts pulling your legs. Only you can make the best of every situation that you are in.


Let’s start the new year making new resolutions for ourselves. And if we work hard enough to keep these new promises the path to a better world will unfurl, where everything will be coming up roses. Let’s resolve to keep up to our resolutions. A new year is happy only when we can successfully achieve our aims.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, I love you all very much and I hope you all have a phenomenal New Year 2017.